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A lawsuit is up for a hearing in Litchfield Judicial Court today involving the former Pettibone School renovations in New Milford.  Republican Town Chairman Michael Barnes claims Mayor David Gronbach and the town's finance director misappropriated $225,000 for the renovations to the former John Pettibone School. 


Barnes filed the suit on his own behalf, not in his official capacity. 


Barnes claims using the money violates Town Charter requirements that any appropriations be approved by the Board of Finance. Barnes previously said in a statement that the Mayor and Finance Director have "marginalized the Board of Finance to the point that its existence is immaterial on important town financial matters."  


Gronbach wrote in a statement on Facebook that Barnes has omitted that the money was approved by the Town Council. He called the lawsuit an attempt to intimidate and bully, and that he will defend efforts to make Pettibone a Town and Community Center.

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