Local Headlines

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is praising some city officials for the work they've done over the last couple of months. 


At the City Council meeting, Boughton noted that the Fire Department has had significant fire activity to deal with in the last few weeks.  He said they did a great job in particular with a house fire on Stevens Street at the beginning of the month.  It was believed that improperly disposed of fireplace ashes caused the blaze. 


Boughton also asked the Council to keep Deputy Chief Charles Slagel in their prayers.  His New Milford home was destroyed by a fire which appeared to have started in the chimney, which was connected to a wood-burning stove.  The family wasn't home at the time. 


Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour was also praised.  Without mentioning any specific incidents, Boughton says Ridenhour has had to manage the department through some challenging personnel issues.  Soon after Ridenhour became Chief, an officer was ambushed and brutally assaulted.  A 15-year veteran of the department was charged with breach of peace for allegedly using unnecessary force on the suspect. 


Both Officer David Williams and the suspect accused of beating Officer Pooler are due in court next week.