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A Monroe volunteer firefighter and a teenager have been arrested in Newtown on burglary and assault charges.  Newtown Police responded to a home on Elizabeth Street shortly before 3:30 Saturday morning on a report of a dispute. 


The resident reported that two people broke into the house and physically assaulted her companion, punching the victim in the face.  The pair, 18-year old Brian Carriero and a 17-year old, were known to the victim. 


Carriero wouldn’t turn himself in, but Police later learned he was attending a firefighter training course in Trumbull. Newtown Police went to that location, removed him from the class and placed him under arrest. 


Newtown Police say officers responded promptly, aided the assault victim, and tracked down the offenders.  This was an isolated incident and police don’t expect additional arrests. 


Carriero is due in court on Monday.

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