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Two more men who claimed to be victims of a Danbury-based human trafficking ring that preyed on men with mental illnesses are looking to join a lawsuit against two of the men arrested last month.  The Newstimes reports that a motion was filed Thursday to add the new plaintiffs to the suit against 72-year-old William Trefzger of Westport and 63-year old Bruce Bemer of Glastonbury, who were charged with patronized a trafficked person. 


The lawsuit seeks to freeze about $10 million in assets from the two defendants.


There were at least 15 victims.  Authorities say the men coerced into prostitution had severe psychological disorders and were addicted to drugs.  Danbury Police say the men were plied with drugs and money and delivered to wealthy clients to have sex for money after they had built up substantial drug debts.


A third man, Robert King of Danbury, is the accused ring leader.  More arrests are expected. 

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