Local Headlines

Monroe Police are alerting residents that a child was approached by a couple in an older red minivan who tried to lure her into their vehicle.  Police say a Stepney Elementary School child was dropped off at her normal bus stop Tuesday afternoon. 


The child ignored the woman with bright red hair and the man with bright green hair and ran to her home.  Police responded to the area and searched for the minivan, but were unable to locate it. 


The driver of the older red minivan was described as a 45-50 year old woman, slender built, short bright red hair, with hair ends dyed green. The male passenger was described 45-50 year old male, overweight, with bright green hair. 


All officers remain on the look out for the vehicle and the suspects.  The Monroe Police Department asks that parents remind their children to not get into any vehicles occupied by any people they do not know. 


Anyone with information about this vehicle or the couple is asked to contact the Monroe Police Department at (203) 261-3622.