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Loud music that led to a scuffle with police, ended with a Ridgefield man under arrest in Fairfield.  A complaint was called in about someone blasting music Monday night and officers could hear it as they approached.  The Fairfield Citizen reports that 53-year old Anthony Guillaro told police he was the property owner and cited town ordinance time frames. 


Despite it not yet being 10pm, police said the music was unreasonably loud and creating a disturbance.  Guillaro reportedly turned the music up and told the offier he was going to make a scene. 


The published report says Guillaro put his hand on the officer’s chest, the officer pushed it away and tried to handcuff the man.  Guillaro allegedly began flailing his arms, there was a brief struggle and the two fell.  The pair reportedly hit a table and broke some drinking glasses. 


Guillaro was charged with interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct. He was released on bond and is due in Court May 30th.  The home is owned by company of which Guillaro is the president.