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Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton will undergo brain surgery tomorrow to have a cyst removed.  Boughton has expressed his gratitude to the medical professionals at Danbury Hospital as well as Dr. Robert Friedlander of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, who will be performing the surgery.


Boughton says he is confident that the removal of the cyst will be a one-time procedure without the need for additional surgery or medical intervention. He expects to be back serving the people of Danbury within a few weeks.


As Mayor, Boughton says he has the responsibility to be a steward of the public trust, which is why he wanted to share this turn of events.  He says he's fortunate that his health will be improved after this procedure.  He was also reminded of all of the people that must endure much more rigorous treatments.


Boughton thanked people for the outpouring of support and encouragement.