Local Headlines

A pilot reported they were landing at Danbury Municipal Airport with an issue Wednesday morning, and landed safely. The Fire Department responded as a precautionary measure. 


Assistant Airport Administrator Mike Safranek says around 8:30am, the pilot reported engine trouble, it was running rough.  The pilot decided to turn back and landed without incident.  Safranek says the pilot was being very cautious, as they are trained to do. 


It was a rental, with three passengers on board.  There were no injuries reported during the event.


There are two FAA and NTSB investigations underway into flights that left Arrow Aviation and Danbury Airport.  One plane had trouble getting enough lift and crashed July 30th just off Miry Brook Road, killing the pilot.  Two other people on board were injured.  Their names have not been released.  A second plane crashed in New Milford near Candlelight Farms Airport last Friday.  The flight instructor, 57-year-old Anthony Morasco, of New Milford sustained fatal injuries.  The juvenile pilot and another passenger were seriously injured.