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A New Milford Town Council member has resigned after a clamor over personal details of his life. 


First term Democrat Scott Chamberlain will be leaving all of his town posts as of Monday.  The Newstimes reports that this stems from a Facebook forum post by a resident of several screenshots of Chamberlain’s profile from a private website catering to so-called furries.  It's a subculture of adults who dress in mascot-like animal costumes, attend role-playing conventions and interact regularly online. 


Part of the profile said Chamberlain tolerates rape.  He told the publication that the site sorts topics into categories: loves, likes, tolerates and hates.  He added that his interest in the furry community was a harmless hobby about cartoon animals, not sex. 


The New Milford Democratic Town Committee opened their headquarters on Bank Street last night, with a small group of protesters reportedly outside.


Chamberlain told the paper that someone must have created an account just to get private information on him.