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The New Milford Town Council has approved a request for Young's Field Riverwalk Park to be dedicated to the New Milford Parks and Recreation Commission.  Parks and Rec Director Daniel Calhoun took questions from members at their most recent meeting. 


He was asked about the porous asphalt and maintenance of plantings.  Calhoun responded that he will still need some training or information about how to take care of permeable surface. 


He was also asked about whether he had a machine that could trim the grass on the steep embankment, without going into the water.  Calhoun says they will probably need the assistance of the Public Works Department and their roadside mower. 


A row of trees and weeds were removed to make way for the trail, which can now be used for biking, walking and running.  Plans for the quarter-mile stretch of walkway started about a decade ago, and the park could eventually become part of the 13-mile New Milford River Trail.  Work included stabilizing the eroding riverbank and constructing a paved 10-foot trail, a kayak launch and a fishing dock.

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