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The state Board of Regents for Higher Education has approved a plan to allow West Conn students from New York and New Jersey to pay in-state tuition.  This applies to both current and new students and will be reviewed in two years. 


West Conn has seen a drop in enrollment over the last few years and previously extended in-state tuition rates to Putnam County residents.  That pilot program included six other nearby counties and increased the number of New York students at West Conn more than 200-percent. 


In-state students pay $10,418 in annual tuition at Western, while out-of state students pay $23,107. 


Connecticut State Colleges and Universities President Mark Ojakian also presented his plan at the meeting for consolidating the state’s 12 community colleges into one institution.  He plans to hold three briefings around the state on the proposal and wants feedback by November 20th.

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