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Ok.  So now I understand why nobody has emailed me yet.  You see that hideous picture above and think, "I'm not about to email someone who looks like some scary serial killer."  Honestly, I don't blame you.  Rest assured, I don't look like that in real life.  Oh, I'm still scary looking - that's why I work on the radio - just maybe not THAT scary looking.   Anyhoo, now that that's settled, let's hear from you.  What do you like about the program?  What do you not like about it?  Actually, let's just stick to what you like about it.  With an ego as massive and as fragile as mine, negative criticism makes me chafe.   And of course, the more you write about me, the better.  As I discussed recently on the show, it IS all about me.  Ok.  Now let me take my tongue out of my cheek for just a second and seriously say that I absolutely enjoy hosting the Winner's Weekend and would really like to hear what you think.   I'm looking forward to your emails.  After all, I am so very lonely.  LOL. 
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