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The now-inactive Danbury Whalers still owe Danbury $55,000 to $60,000 for public safety presence over the five year period they were at the Danbury Ice Arena.  The police and fire marshal presence was required for safety.  The arena has since upgraded an inadequate sprinkler system, and obtained a full Certificate of Occupancy in the last several months. 


Mayor Mark Boughton says fire watch is not necessary anymore, though there is still a need for police presence.  The new FHL team has been made aware of that requirement.  The building has been certified by Danbury building officials as good to go for the start of the October start of the 2015-2016 FHL season.


Last February, the sprinkler system and the temporary certificate of occupancy were investigated by Danbury as part of an ongoing dispute with the now-inactive Danbury Whalers over public safety presence at games.  The City Council required that the Whalers pay for the police and fire marshal presence prior to each game, and repay old debt totalling more than $100,000.


The temporary certificate of occupancy issued in 2004 had expired a year later, when additional seats were installed in the days of the Danbury Trashers.


Boughton says he's not optimistic about collecting the balance due.  He chalks it up as a cost of trying to see economic success downtown through events in CityCenter. 


But he says the City will continue to pursue collection efforts.

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