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Documents about the worst crash in Metro North history have been made public by the National Transportation Safety Board.  There are 130 documents in the file about the collision between a train and an SUV in Valhalla in February.  The accident resulted in the deaths of the SUV driver and five people on board the train, including 41-year old Aditya Tomar of Danbury. 


The 1,100 pages with details of the investigation show that there was no alcohol or drugs in the system of the SUV driver, 49-year old Ellen Brody.  She was also not using her cell phone at the time of the crash.  The last call on her phone was at 6:11pm.  It was with her husband and lasted about 9 minutes.  The accident happened shortly after the call at 6:26pm. 


The NTSB says the docket is not yet complete and more information will be added at a later date.

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