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A new web video accuses the Democratic incumbent in Danbury's 110th state House District of calling the downtown area a “dumping ground” for poor people and ethnic minorities. 


Longtime Representative Bob Godfrey says he's disappointed in the negativity, cynicism, disrespect and deception of his Republican opponent.  Godfrey says he's run a positive campaign about important issues and what he's done for his hometown.  He added that his opponent has chosen a negative campaign of unwarranted personal attacks that embraces what he called the GOP party's empty Hartford-based platform.


Godfrey said the words were taken out of context.  He was citing The Business Council of Fairfield County's Connecticut Economic Competitive Diagnostic, which included revitalizing the urban cores of Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, Stamford and Waterbury.  Danbury was not mentioned.  He says more needs to be invested in cities, as he has done for Danbury.  Godfrey says only then will corporations have places in Connecticut to do business where the desirable creative workforce wants to live.  Godfrey says he was thanked for this stand by members of the General Assembly Black and Hispanic Caucus.


GOP challenger Emanuela Palmares says looking at the statistical make up of the 110th District, it's mostly ethnic minorities and people who are poor.  She noted that he said it during a forum held in Danbury with Danbury legislators and candidates.  She says people are offended and appalled.  Palmares says her tag line is "join us", not "vote for me" because the campaign is not about her, it's about the people of the 110th having a voice and realizing they haven't been represented in Hartford.  She says that kind of thinking that deters downtown from its full potential.  Palmares says the asset of Danbury's downtown is its diversity, and not what's holding it back. 


Palmares says anyone who's been a public servant for nearly 30 years deserves some credit, but that Godfrey hasn't been a voice for the poor or the ethnic minority.  She says three of the four schools in the district have 70-percent of the student population on the free or reduced price lunch and 45-percent, on average, are English Language Learners.

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