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The Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments earlier this month in the case of a Danbury Hospital nurse who was shot and wounded in 2010 while trying to protect other staff members from a patient with a gun.  The former Marine Andrew Hull sued the town of Newtown after the shooting. 


A Danbury Superior Court Judge ruled that Newtown was not responsible for the shooting because officers had not formally placed 85-year old Stanley Lupienski under arrest and therefore were not required by department policy to search him for any weapons.


Justices heard an appeal by Hull, who was awarded a Carnegie Hero medal for his actions, who argued that Lupienski was being brought to the hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation.


In March 2010, Lupienski told officers at the Newtown Police Department that he was hearing voices and was short of breath.  The next day, he pointed a gun at two nurses.  Hull tried to pry the gun from Lupienski's hands, but the Brookfield man fired three rounds into Hull, severely wounding him.


Chief Justice Chase Rogers said that both sides believe the policy is clear, but they disagree on what the policy is saying.

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