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A Brewster couple who told police that they scammed a dozen Home Depot stores in Connecticut to pay for their wedding and move out of his parents' Bridgeport house will have to postpone their nuptials.

Kenneth Matthews pleaded guilty Thursday to first-degree larceny and retail theft. He faces three years in prison and restitution of $30,000 at sentencing on January 26th. His fiancee, Marissa Ghiazza, is expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges.

Prosecutors say the couple would take a valuable item from the sales floor and bring it to the return counter along with old receipt for the same product to get store credit. They then used the store credit to purchase the same item and pawn it for cash, then use the receipt to repeat the scam.


Mathews had 87 refunds associated with him between January 2016 and January 2017. Ghiazza was identified in 19 of the videos. In all of her instances and 53 of his, an infant child was present.


Stores in Danbury and New Milford were among the 12 affected.


10 returns were made in Danbury between August and December of last year, for a total of $2,920. Mathews completed 8 of the returns while Ghiazza completed two of them. Video evidence for four of the returns showed an infant with the couple. A single refund was issued to Mathews at the New Milford Home Depot for $105. Ghiazza and the infant were present at the time. 

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