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A Newtown man who was arrested twice in one day is due in court today.  24-year old David Cortina was charged by State police in the early morning hours of January 28th for a highway car crash.  He was arrested about an hour later by Newtown Police for a domestic disturbance. 


Cortina allegedly drifted into an SUV on I-84 by exit 9.  He was cited for failure to maintain the proper lane and taken to the hospital for evaluation. 


Newtown Police responded to a local home and charge Cortina with driving under the influence, evading responsibility, and violation of a protective order.  He was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to the charges. 


Cortina was being held after the court did not set bond.  He was previously arrested by newtown Police January 24th on charges of DUI and possession of marijuana.  He had been released on bond on those charges, but then was arrested a few days later.

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