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A Danbury woman has been arrested for illegally selling alcohol and cigarettes.  Danbury Police noticed a lot of foot traffic to a home on Foster Street and launched the investigation. 


63-year old Vera Ribeiro-Menezes was arrested Friday in a sting dubbed “Operation 3-2- 1.”  People were seen buying single containers of beer for $3, assorted alcohol nips for $2 and individual cigarettes for $1. 


A young toddler was seen in the residence during the illegal sales. 


Officers asked Ribeiro-Menezes to open the door, but she retreated further into the house and officers had to force entry while she attempted to destroy evidence.  Nearly $12,000 cash, 861 cans of beer, 2,251 nips and 5,563 cigarettes were seized. The street value of the contraband equaled more than $12,000. 



Ribeiro-Menezes was charged with interfering with a search, destruction of evidence, risk of injury to a child, unlicensed sale of cigarettes and dispensing liquor without a permit.  She was released on a written promise to appear in court at a later date.

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