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A New York state firefighter called New Milford Police dispatch yesterday about the double homicide at the intersection of Routes 7 and 55.  The man said that somebody in a light blue minivan with North Carolina plates just went by and shot a guy in a truck..  He repeated that a two vehicles pulled up to a stop sign, a man got out and shot two people.


The 911 caller said that he would pull his truck up next two the stopped vehicle to block passing traffic from seeing the deceased.


“He’s dead?”


“Yes, sir, brains are on the road.”


“And he was shot. Did you see the person who shot him?”




The man then described the vehicle and direction of travel. The call continued.


Steven Pladl of North Carolina allegedly killed his daughter, who was also his wife, and her adoptive father.  An infant found slain in North Carolina was the biological child of Steven Pladl and Katie Pladl.


New Milford Police say Pladl used an assault rifle.

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