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Western Connecticut State University officials believe cases of illness are on the downturn.  About 100 students reported the same symptoms between Thursday and Saturday.  Test results from the state Department of Public Health revealed Monday that they were suffering from cases of norovirus.  University Spokesman Paul Steinmetz says that helps staff figure out where to clean and what to clean.
Much of the outbreak was on the westside campus.  Common areas on both campuses have been cleaned to standards set by the Centers for Disease Control.  University staff will clean the rooms of any students who were ill.   
Norovirus is not spread through the air.
The disease is transmitted by touching an infected surface, and then coming in contact via the mouth.  The health department is conducting surveys among sick students to figure out where the illness started. 
President John Clark says they are confident that students, faculty and staff can learn and work together and stay healthy, as long as everyone follows state-recommended appropriate treatment and precautions.  Those precautions  include frequent hand-washing with soap and water. Hand sanitizer does not kill  the virus. 
Students are encouraged to practice good hand hygiene, not to share food and drinks or cups and utensils, and to wash fruits and vegetables before eating.
According to the state department of Public Health, it is important that anyone who has been ill not return to class or work for 72 hours after the last symptoms have subsided.During those three days after symptoms have stopped, a sick person can still share the virus and potentially contaminate common surfaces. 




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