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Congeniality started to wear thin during the last days of the General Assembly session as legislative leaders rushed to come to a budget adjustment agreement. 
House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz was asked about comments from Monroe Representative JP Sredzinski, whose district also includes Newtown.  The Republican said if Democratic leaders were so confident that none of their members would vote for a GOP budget proposal, Aresimowicz should call it to the floor, have a debate and see what happens.  
The House Speaker told reporters that Sredzinski should meet with him and tell him which proposed bills he'd like to see bumped from the docket in the final hours of the session.  House Majority Leader Matt Ritter then jumped in and noted that if there was no budget agreement reached, Governor Malloy's revisions become law.  The revisions include holding back Education Cost Sharing dollars.  
Aresimowicz also brought up that Sredzinski's wife, Emanuela Palmares, is a member of the Danbury Board of Education.  He said Danbury funding should be looked at under the Governor's proposal and if the district will have to lay off teachers.  
House Minority Leader Themis Klaredis says the comments from the leaders were unnecessary and unprofessional.  She  added that it shows they are more scared of the November election than she thought they were.
An 11th hour agreement on the budget was reached, approved with veto-proof majorities in the House and Senate.