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KENT, Conn. (AP) Prosecutors say a fatal shooting in Connecticut last year was a case of self-defense and no charges have been filed. 
State's Attorney David Shepack told the News-Times on Tuesday that Andre Edness' death in a Kent home in December ``appeared to be a lawful exercise of self-defense.'' 
State police investigated for more than six months before closing the case. 
 Authorities say the 32-year-old Edness was shot in a relative's home by another resident. That resident, Hunter Chatfield, told police a knife-wielding Edness tried to break into his bedroom. 
Chatfield's lawyer said Edness had asked Chatfield for a ride to the liquor store and his client refused. Edness grabbed a knife and threatened to kill Chatfield, who ran to his bedroom for safety and warned Edness multiple times not to enter. 

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