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Water Witch Hose Company 2 of New Milford had a busy morning yesterday.  Shortly after 7am, firefighters were dispatched to the area of Candlewood Lake Road South for a report of a boat fire.  The boat was located at the candleset cove community beach and the flames were quickly extinguished.  The boat was left partially submerged from a faulty drain plug.  The vessel was towed to a boat launch to be removed from the lake.



Brookfield firefighters responded to an accident involving a ground transformer on Friday night.  A car crashed into the utility equipment, which started leaking fluid.  Firefighters placed booms and pads to stop the fluid and used buckets to contain the steady stream from the back of the transformer.  Eversource cut power and turned the response over to their HAZMAT contractor.


A dumpster fire in Danbury did not spread to a business thanks to quick response by firefighters.  Danbury crews responded to Shelter Rock Lane and found a dumpster on fire under an overhang.  There was no damage done to the building.


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