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A Danbury man fleeing Newtown Police injured an officer, almost crushing him between the patrol vehicle and the suspect vehicle.  The incident started last Sunday when Newtown officers conducting traffic enforcement on Route 34 saw a car without a front license plate and a rear plate that belonged to a different car. 


The driver, later identified as John Paul Suero, engaged police in pursuit, before the chase was called off due to community safety concerns.  The car was located by Officer James, who approached on foot and was dragged as Suero sped off. 


Newtown's K9 tracked the suspect, who was picked up by a different vehicle. 


This weekend, Newtown and Danbury Police conducted a manhunt for Suero, who had four outstanding warrants.  One charged him with 11 crimes, including assault on an officer and larceny, for the stolen vehicle.  The other warrants were out of Bethel and Torrington on Failure to Appear in Court on other charges.

Suero was held over the weekend on a combined $104,500 bond and transported to Danbury Superior Court for arraignment yesterday.


Newtown Police LT. Aaron Bahamonde says this was an extremely dangerous individual that was taken off the street. 


He added that this is just one of multiple criminal suspects that have been causing havoc across the state in the breaking into vehicles and stealing them.  The police implore residents to remove valuable items from vehicles, including the keys to the vehicle.  Bahamonde says this is not just a Newtown problem but a statewide problem that has reached an epidemic proportion

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