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A bullet was found in the hallway of a Redding school yesterday.  A John Read Middle School student handed the single .22-caliber bullet to a teacher and the school was placed in a soft lockdown. 

A full sweep of the building was conducted by police with dogs from the State Police K-9 unit, specifically trained to sniff out gunpowder and explosive materials.  The search took about half an hour and the building was declared safe. 

District 9 Superintendent Tom McMorran says a member of the staff accidentally, with no malicious intent, brought the bullet along with a number of  personal items.  He says it was an unfortunate oversight. 

McMorran says he is am grateful to the staff, faculty and members of the Redding police force for their swift action and collaboration.  An added challenge of the day was a previously scheduled field trip to Meadow Ridge for students in the music program.  They left the school prior to the sweep, but, in an abundance of caution, the administration checked their bags and instrument cases before putting them on the bus.

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