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ST. LOUIS (AP) The president of a conservative Lutheran denomination has apologized for reprimanding a Newtown, Conn., pastor who participated in an interfaith prayer vigil in apparent violation of the church's constitution.

The Rev. Rob Morris of Christ the King Lutheran Church offered the benediction at the Dec. 16 vigil with other religious leaders including Jewish, Muslim and Baha'i for victims of the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod President Matthew Harrison subsequently reprimanded Morris, saying the synod constitution bars joint worship for fear of giving the appearance that theological differences about salvation and other doctrines are not significant.

Media reports on the reprimand and Morris' apology incited outrage over the synod's decision.

On Monday, Harrison posted an apology on the synod website saying his actions had made things worse. He said, ``Please forgive me.''

Morris said in an email Tuesday that all parties have reconciled.

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