Bravo scion Andy Cohen and "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga are being sued by a woman who was once featured on the show, and she's looking for a serious payday. The woman, Jackie Beard Robinson, claims she was made to look like a thief on the popular reality show, and she wants $30 million, claiming the on-screen portrayal has negatively impacted her business and personal life. She is officially suing NBC Universal, Andy and Melissa for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress,

The Blast reported on Dec. 7, citing court documents. The Blast reported that Jackie met Melissa while the reality TV star shopped in her Florida store. The two eventually went into business together, and opened a clothing store in New Jersey, called "Envy by Melissa Gorga." However, things took a turn in late 2016 and the partnership abruptly ended. Jackie claimed that Melissa "misappropriated" over $37,000 from the company. The business deal even became a "Housewives" plot line. Once their partnership was disbanded, Jackie went to the store to retrieve her belongings.

But, when the business deal was featured on "Housewives" several months later, Jackie claims producers made it appear that she "snuck into Envy in the middle of the night and stole clothing." Jackie argues that she actually showed up in broad daylight during business hours and removed her items. Melissa and Andy even once spoke about Jackie on "Watch What Happens Live." While chatting, Andy said, "Wow, so, that lady wound up kinda ripping you off?" Melissa answered, Yes."

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