With some of the most compelling local and national personalities in broadcast, plus a local news department to keep people informed of all  that's happening nationally and locally!  WLAD is is an audio platform that engages the audience and keeps them listening attentively---so they'll hear your message!  Whether they're listening via traditional terrestrial broadcast at 94.1FM or 800am, or streaming WLAD via their desktop computer, on their Alexa smart speaker, or via an App your message will be heard with frequency when you advertise on WLAD! 


You want word of mouth right? 

You've got it right here on the radio with WLAD.  And it's word of mouth that you can control!  You can control the message, the frequency, even the emotional context in which it is delivered!  Want to attract new customers? Encourage repeat business?

Would you like to make your business a household name in Greater Danbury?

WLAD  can do it! 


It's all about the audience


Reach an audience that has the money to buy what you are selling on WLAD!  

The WLAD audience, is educated and affluent, they own their own homes and have disposable income to spend! Invite them to do business with you! 




WLAD is the exclusive New York Giants Football affiliate  in Western Connecticut, reach Giants fans with our affordable NY Giants sponsor package! 


We have great advertising packages available right now, and it all starts with a no obligation meeting with one of our  experienced ad reps to help put a campaign in place that will be effective for you.  Contact WLAD advertising sales manager Mike Delpha today at 203-744-4800.   Or send Mike an email at



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