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A bill designed to boost the use and availability of e-books at libraries across Connecticut has been signed into law by the Governor.  For a startup cost of about $2 million for computerization and purchase of books, the state Library Board will create and maintain a platform for distributing e-books to libraries.  The board would negotiate purchases with publishers, hopefully ending problems individual libraries have had in that regard. 


Bethel Representative Dan Carter says libraries would benefit big time because the use of e-books has exploded in recent years.  Carter says by keeping up with technology, the state is keeping libraries vibrant and this will help encourage reading among people of all ages and backgrounds.


He called this a step in the right direction to keep libraries outfitted with relevant and useful resources.


Studies show that e-books are now the preferred book format for many readers. Between 2002 and 2012, e-book share of trade publishing revenue increased from 0.05 percent to roughly 23 percent. In 2012, nearly 80 percent of libraries reported that they experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for e-books during the previous year.

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