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A woman running for the 28th State Senate seat is challenging candidates running for all offices to not back peddle on the gun safety reforms enacted last year.  The district includes Newtown and the seat has been left open by Senate Minority Leader John McKinney's retirement.  Democratic state Representative Kim Fawcett is seeking higher office.  She is a parent with three school age children--two about to go off to college.


Republican state Representative Tony Hwang is also seeking in the running for the 28th Senate District.  Retired GE executive Nelson Gonzalez is collecting petition signatures to force a GOP primary.


Fawcett says she's heard some disturbing comments from various candidates about bending to the pro-gun lobby.  She specifically pointed to comments from GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley recently that he would veto future gun control restrictions if he is elected governor. 


Fawcett says Connecticut has a national responsibility to maintain and advocate for the strongest common sense gun safety legislation possible.  She continued that leaders running for office, certainly those hoping to represent Newtown, need to clearly communicate their strong support and not continue to hedge their positions for political gain.

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