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There was a long hearing in Bethel that was packed with some 100 residents ..the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting was held at the Bethel Municipal center.

Philip Lombino and a neighbor, Michael Moore, filed an appeal of the zoning approval granted to D&B Wellness, Inc., in May to open a medical marijuana dispensary at 4 Garella Road.

The News times reports that Lombino said he  never imagined he would  be  arguing against a medical marijuana dispensary at the end of his street on Maple Row when he moved here from Stamford.

Bethel Zoning Enforcement Officer Steven Palmer approved the application on May 13...

His attorney argued that all members of the general public could one day become afflicted with an illness which qualifies for medical marijuana use, and as such, the business is open to the general public.

No decision has been announced yet by  the appeals board.


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