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AT&T is looking to put up a stealth rooftop tower on an existing apartment building located at 79 Park Avenue.  The company petitioned the Connecticut Siting Council for a ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required to install the tower.


City Councilman Paul Rotello wrote to the Siting Council asking that they reject the request by AT&T. 


Rotello also called on the governing body to hold a public hearing about the proposed tower.  He wants it at a time and in a place convenient to homeowners, parents, the PTO, and staff can hear details of the proposal and voice their opinions.  Rotello says to allow the opinion of a company and not the people potentially affected diminishes the rights of all stakeholders.


The stealth tower would be built inside a new structure above the roof, opposite a penthouse, and would be made up of 12 antennas, multiple transmitters two large air conditioner compressors.  There would also be a 50,000 watt diesel powered electric generator with on board storage for several hundred gallons of fuel. 


Rotello cited concerns that the the busy parking lot slopes toward the Still River--one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the City.  Rotello says there are strict prohibitions concerning the placement of chemical and fuel storage systems along the watershed also tapped for drinking water.  He is also concerned that if the tower were to collapse, it could cause disruption or injury to the many parents and children who walk to Park Avenue School.

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