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Protest against 'inaction on homelessness' at Danbury City Hall

A group is protesting outside of City Hall in order to have Danbury officials better address the issue of homelessness.  They are then calling on the City to offer services that promote housing stability and personal well-being.  A 10-year Plan to End Homelessness was adopted in Danbury in 2005.  This September, the Danbury Housing Partnership will receive the draft of a new plan to end homelessness. 


One-time Mayoral candidate Lynn Taborsak wants the City to prioritize housing assistance based on a vulnerability index.  Taborsak is also calling on the City to provide people with housing quickly, without income or sobriety requirements and then offer services that promote housing stability and personal well-being. 


On the night of January 29, 2014, volunteers in Danbury conducted the annual HUD Point-In-Time count to determine the number of individuals living without a safe, stable place to call home.  This year Danbury counted 148 people.  18% were in families with children and 82% were single adults.  


The protest will end on the 13th with participants presenting a petition to the City Council at their August meeting calling for action.


The City Shelter provides 20 emergency beds year round to 5 women and 15 men.  Dorothy Day provides 17 beds year-round.  However, from June 1st until October 1st, guests who have stayed more than 30 days are not allowed to stay at Dorothy Day even if beds are available.   There are 55 different single homeless adults in that category.  


The Jericho Shelter on Maple Avenue is open for 6 months of the year from November 15th until April 15th and has 16 beds for men.  The Jericho Shelter provided 2075 bed nights for the 2013-2014 shelter season.  The First Congregational Church Shelter across from City Hall has 26 beds.  That shelter provided 3498 bed nights this season for men and women.

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