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World Cup celebration sparks safety concern in Danbury

With another Brazil World Cup game coming up today, some concerns are being raised about the celebrations on Main Street.  At the Danbury City Council meeting, member Phil Curren said he never got as many calls as he got about what was going on last Monday.


There was a wake going on at Green's Funeral Home last Monday and Curren says the honking and other activity was highly disruptive.  Mayor Boughton said on social media to stay away from Green's Funeral home, keeping from Elmwood Park up Main Street toward the highway, which seemed to help a bit during the next game.


He added that he thought this was the reason the Council passed the Parade Ordinance.  The process of getting a permit is for organized parades, where as these are spontaneous outbursts of celebrations with no real organizer to apply for a permit. 


Curren says it's not just the excessive honking that's a problem.  He noted that some residents complained to him if they were to go down Main Street without a seatbelt on, they would get a $100 ticket.  But they saw people riding on top of cars and in the back of pick up trucks.  Curren called it a safety issue.  He also pointed out that emergency vehicles wouldn't have been able to get down the road because of the congestion.


Boughton and Police Chief Al Baker will talk as the team progresses, about directing something more formal around the green.