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Newtown First Selectman honored by Jericho Partnership

The Jericho Partnership has held its annual fundraising breakfast.  Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra was the keynote speaker Thursday at the Amber Room.  She was also presented with an award from the non-profit.


The theme of the breakfast was "Faith in the Marketplace".  Llodra told her journey about how faith has helped sustain her as a parent, grandparent, educator and municipal leader.  Llodra told those in attendance about how she applies her own beliefs and practices in her "marketplace" as an elected official.


Llodra's speech focused on two practices she uses to guide her actions.  The first, she says is a trust in the peace of God; being calm, steadfast, focused, careful and courageous.  The other is a belief in good.  She says people need to seek it, find it, look for it and to not be distracted by badness or evil acts.  Llodra urged those in attendance to trust and believe that for every act of evil there is greater and better and more persistent acts of goodness and kindness.


Jericho Partnership is an umbrella organization for 24 urban and suburban churches and ten hands-on transformative ministries to Danbury’s youth, homeless and other at-risk communities.