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Election Night Greater Danbury 2014

BOLD = winner

* = incumbent


Town/District/Position Candidate/Party Total
24th Senate: Danbury, Bethel, Michael McLachlan* (R) 13,536
                         New Fairfield Theodore Feng (Working Families) 2,219
26th Senate: Bethel, Redding, Toni Boucher*(R) 23,885
                   Ridgefield, Wilton Phil Sharlach (D) 12,943
28th Senate: (portion of Newtown) Tony Hwang (R) 20,505
  Kim Fawcett (D) 16,225
30th Senate: New Milford, Brookfield Clark Chapin* (R) 19,021
  William O. Riiska (D) 13,674
2nd House: Danbury, Bethel, Dan Carter* (R) 4,413
                      Redding, Newtown Candace Fay (D) 3,287
67th House: New Milford Cecilia Buck-Taylor* (R) 4,361
  Gale Alexander (D) 2,603
106th House: Newtown Mitch Bolinsky* (R) 4,660
  Matt Cole (D) 3,753
107th House: Brookfield, Bethel David Scribner* (R) 5,934
  Dan Smolnik (D) 2,532
108th House: New Fairfield, Danbury, New Milford Richard Smith* (R)  
109th House: Danbury David Arconti* (D) 1,364
  Josh Stanley (R) 754
110th House: Danbury Bob Godfrey* (D) 1,900
  Frank Goncalves (R) 857
111th House: Ridgefield John Frey* (R) 6,511
  Sky Cole (D) 2,257
112th House: Newtown, Monroe Jen Aguilar (D) 3,578
  JP Sredzinsky (R) 4,601
135th House: Redding John Shaban* (R) 5,575
138th House: Danbury, New Fairfield, Jan Giegler* (R) 4,096
                         Ridgefield Henry Hall (D) 2,290


Bethel residents have approved four of the six Charter revision proposals.  One of the two that were rejected were to increase the Board of Selectmen membership from three to five and increasing their term of service from two years to four years.  The other rejected proposal was about the way the Board of Finance handles revisions to the Board of Selectmen’s budgets.  The town had a 56% voter turn out.


In Brookfield, residents voted in support of separating the municipal and education budgets into two votes.  There will also be advisory questions of "too high", "adequate", or "too low".  Brookfield residents rejected other Charter revision proposals. 


Bridgewater voters on Tuesday approved a ballot measure clearing the way for restaurants to serve alcohol.  The last dry town in Connecticut is giving up on Prohibition, taking up the issue for the first time since the 1930s. Two developers have proposed opening restaurants - as long as they can serve alcohol.  The vote was 660 in favor, 246 opposed.  The town had more than 73% voter turn out.


In Ridgefield five of the seven proposed Charter revisions were approved.  The two that were rejected by residents would have made the positions of Town Treasurer and Tax Collector appointed positions.  The jobs will remain elected offices.


Ridgefield residents rejected a proposed land sale.  A portion of the former Schlumberger site, 12 acres off Old Quarry Road, would have been sold for to Sky Dome LLC for $3.45 million.  The vote was 56-percent opposed, 44-percent in support of the sale.  The land sale has 3,601 'Yes’ votes to 4,676 ‘No’ votes.  Ridgefield bought the 45 acre property several years ago for $7 million.  A five acre parcel was previously sold and proposals are being considered for another 10 acres to be sold.


Danbury residents have approved $20 million in bonding for public improvements.  Mayor Mark Boughton says residents know that if something is brought to them for a vote, the City Council and he have thoroughly vetted the issue.  He says they look at things like cost and the impact of the budget.  The money would go to road paving, bridge repairs, school roof replacements, Public Works equipment and equipment to finish the civilian dispatch center in the Police station.  The vote was 6,245 in favor and 3,352 opposed.  Danbury had nearly 39% voter participation.


New Fairfield had a 48% voter turn out.  Redding had a 55% voter participation in the Election.  Sherman's voter turn out was 57%.


Democratic U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty fended off a challenge from Republican businessman Mark Greenberg, winning a second term representing the 5th Congressional District in northwestern Connecticut. The seat was considered to be one of the GOP's best chances for victory this year. But the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee appeared to like its chances and canceled television advertising in the district, diverting $500,000 for ads in Iowa in the final two weeks.


4th District Congressman Jim Himes has also been reelected.

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