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The Danbury City Council on Thursday was given an update on the Social Services Department casework.  The Danbury Housing Caseworker is managing approximately 60 active cases. 


The Day Center, located at the Emergency Shelter, had approximately 872 visits from homeless individuals or those at risk of becoming homeless, which includes weekend service meetings. 


There were six initial assessments for new clients and 43 action plans developed for others.  The Day Center handled 61 Veteran Referrals during the reporting time period.  Five people came in looking for Case Management Services and two people made employment inquiries.  The Department of Social Services says there were also two people who did searches through the computer access provided in the emergency shelter for job placement and availability.


201 visits were for showers, more than 400 were for lunch.  10 housing related issues were address, there were two medical referrals made and 18 other inquiries made, including a one-day dental clinic. 


The report also said there were 87 visits for Substance Abuse Referrals/Case Management in the last reporting period.

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