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Bethel residents have approved three proposals presented at a special Town Meeting this week. 


The Boards of Selectmen and Finance previously backed a purchase of land located between Maple Avenue and Hickok Avenue.  The 12.89 acres would be purchased by the town for no more than $675,000 from MH Development, LLC and Ellis A. Tarlton, III for use as open space.  Officials say the town may have some grant funding for this purchase or may receive grants in the future.  Most of the cost would be bonded.


First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says it's a steep and environmentally sensitive piece of land.  Various developers proposals over the years have been rejected because of the endangered species nearby.  But he says a proposal for affordable housing, which could overrule local zoning regulations, has been presented to the town.  Knickerbocker says it would require a significant amount of blasting, hundreds of trees would be removed and it would create a traffic nightmare for the winding road leading up to the site.


The Boards of Selectmen and Finance have approved accepting $3,737 from the State Department of Transportation for a 27,644 +/- square feet of land.  It's located at the corners of Plumtrees Road, Whittlesey Drive and Walnut Hill Road.  It's needed for the proposed construction of the new Plumtrees Road Bridge.


The Boards of Selectmen and Finance have also approved an expense of no more than $36,534.60 for a replacement motor vehicle known as fire vehicle 69BL, to be funded from the capital non-recurring account.

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