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Redding is among the towns where polling precincts were selected at random by the state for a post-election audit.  The results from machines at the Redding Community Center, District 2, will be counted today between 9am and 1pm.   Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says 77 precincts were chosen, representing 10-percent of all polling places used on November 4th.


Three positions on the ballot are also chosen at random, this year it was Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller.


From the Greater Danbury area, Bethel Municipal Center district 1, Danbury High School Ward 1, Park Avenue School Ward 6, Schaghichoke School in New Milford, and Weston Middle School were chosen. 


Merrill says if there are errors, they're usually human error.  Whether it's hand counted absentee ballots or ballots not read by the machines.  She says the audit is done to make sure Connecticut voters have continued confidence that their votes were recorded accurately and that’s why these independent audits are so vital.  "We don’t just take the machines’ word for it," said Merrill.


The post-election audits must be completed by November 24th.

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