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WCSU professor weighs in on 'Torture Report', subsequent proposals

The outgoing chairman of the Senate intelligence committee is urging a legal ban on torture and other policy and legislative changes to ensure that the U.S. government never again mistreats detainees.  Western Connecticut State University political science professor Chris Kukk, a former Counter Intellegence Officer, previously said that there is no difference between "torture" and "enhanced interrogation techniques".


Kukk says in the past, when this type of information was buried, all of the laws had to be rewritten because the country waited too long to find out what was done wrong. 


He says throughout human history, these types of techniques don't work.  The 525-page executive summary cited the CIA's own documents in finding that the agency's interrogation program was more brutal than previously understood but failed to produce crucial intelligence. 


California Senator Diane Feinstein's proposals come amid polls showing that a majority of Americans believe harsh CIA interrogations after the 9/11 attacks were justified.

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