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Area lawmakers weigh in on Governor's proposals

There's mixed reaction to Governor Dannel Malloy's budget and transportation proposals. 


Democratic Deputy House Speaker Bob Godfrey of Danbury says they have a lot of work to do to figure out how to pay for the proposed road and rail upgrades.  He says the vision is a good one, and there's a lot of catching up to do.  Godfrey says he wants to look at the social services cuts that are being proposed.  Godfrey says one-third of his district has someone 60 or older living in each household. He's skeptical of the transportation "lock box" idea.  He says the gas tax alone is not enough money right now, and will be even less in the future  as gas milage improves and electric car usage rises.


Wilton Republican Senator Toni Boucher says lowering the sales tax while getting rid of items exempt from tax is contradictory.  She is also concerned with cuts to education.  Priority School District Grants are slated to be cut, that would mean less money fro Danbury.


Danbury Republican Representative Jan Giegler is skeptical of the sales tax reduction proposal.  She says the Governor has announce similarly lofty goals in the past, including a $55 tax rebate that never materialized.  But Giegler remained cautiously optimistic on transportation proposals.  She says they could be beneficial as long as they don’t add undue burdens on already struggling taxpayers.

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