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Newtown adds money to current budget for snow removal effort

The Newtown Legislative Council has approved amending the current fiscal year's budget to add money for snow removal efforts.  The budget was increased nearly $300,000 to make up the difference in the amount spent and what was in the budget. 


There were 25 winter weather events that the Newtown Public Works Department had to respond to this season, which is substantially more than typical.  First Selectman Pat Llodra told the Legislative Council Wednesday night that the total cost of storms was a little more than $841,000. 


Newtown officials emphasized that this amendment avoids the town operating at a deficit, and has nothing to do with taxes.  Overtime was originally budgeted at $156,370, salt costs were pegged at $320,342 and there was $63,407 for sand in the budget.  That was all based on a five year rolling average of previous years spending on winter operations.  Llodra looked at a 10 year history and says the town has been pretty close each year.


The nearly $300,000 is being funded by state revenues, which were greater than anticipated. 


It comes from two intergovernmental accounts that were increased when the state budget was adopted in May, after the local budget had already been approved by voters.  The state owned property reimbursements, money for hosting Garner Prison, increased from $780,000 to $946,000.  The town's share of Pequot Compact funding increased from $820,000 to $952,000.

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