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Women's Business Council hosts Conversations with Extraordinary Women

The Women's Business Council of the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce has hosted their 5th annual Conversations with Extraordinary Women.  During the event Thursday night, three women shared their journeys to success and what they learned along the way. 



Director of New Media at Yale, Amy Kundrat says years ago the biases in the workplace were more overt--including separate want ads.  She gave the example of a male colleague who consistently interrupts women, but not men.  She suggested creating a safe space in organizations to talk about that unconscious bias.  Kundrat says recent surveys have shown that women only make up 17 percent of corporate boards in the United States and that women hold only 20 percent of elected offices.  Norway has a 40 percent rule for corporate boards.


Missy Chase Lapine, founder of Sneaky Chef Foods says having it all changes on an hourly basis.  If she has helped to empower women to feel like a supermom doing well by families, she considers herself a success.  A group of high school and college students attended the event and Chase Lapine told them to be motivated, to make themselves proud, and to strive to do better than the day before.  But she noted that it is hard to remain true to who you are and remain true to yourself when everyone around you tells you differently.


Ms Foundation for Women CEO Theresa Younger says women and men are being paid differently.  To explain it to those who don't believe the numerous polls stating otherwise, she gave this example:


"Equate it to boys and girls, and ask them to explain why their daughter should be paid less than their son when you paid the same amount for  them to go to college."


Younger says she is fortunate to lead an organization that juggles the issues facing women in this country in the fight for equality so everyone can reach their fullest identity.


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