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Hot car death prevention awareness campaign launched

There were a number of incidents last summer in Connecticut and elsewhere in which kids were left alone in hot cars.  A 15-month old Ridgefield boy died last July.  Connecticut's two U.S. Senators have launched an awareness campaign ahead of this summer's hot weather. 


Senator Richard Blumenthal says 38 kids die each year in the U.S.  He says a car can reach 110 degrees even when it's only 60 degrees outside.


Senator Chris Murphy says there is a device that can be installed in every car sold in this country that will alert parents to when they leave a child locked in a car.  They are looking at legislation to help implement the technology.


Safe Kids Connecticut Program Coordinator Meg McCabe says the acronym ACT can save lives.  AVOID these injuries and deaths by never leaving a child alone for even a minute.  CREATE reminders for yourself by leaving items you need at your destination in the backseat of the car.  TAKE action if you see a child alone in a vehicle by calling 911.

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