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Local lawmaker speaks out about lack of GOP involvement in budget talks

It's been a week since the General Assembly reached final adjournment on its 2015 regular legislative session, but many items were left undone due to the hurried agenda of the final days.  That includes budget implementation bills and bonding. 


Republican leaders say it's wrong that they are again being shut out of negotiations on potential tax changes and other items in the special session.  But Democrats say GOP lawmakers voted against the budget so why should they be included.  Southbury Senator Rob Kane says the reverse.  He questioned why the GOP should have voted for a budget they were not included on, and the largest tax increase in the state's history for the second time in a row.


Corporate leaders are asking the Governor and lawmakers to change business tax hikes at that time, claiming they're harmful enough to push companies out of state.  Kane says there will likely be a great deal of flight if no changes are made.  Democratic House Speaker Brendan Sharkey says the true impact is far less than has been claimed, and perhaps helpful clarifications would be enough to remedy the problem.


Democratic leaders are not sure when the Special Session will be held, but it needs to happen before the new fiscal year begins July 1st.

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