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Sunday os declared 'ASK Day' in Newtown

Newtown's First Selectman has issued a proclamation as part of the "Ask Campaign".  Working in partnership with the Newtown Board of Education and other mayors and first selectmen across the state, Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra has proclaimed June 21st 2015 to be ASK DAY. 


ASK stands for Asking Saves Kids. 


It's part of a national effort to encourage parents to add one more safety question before their child visits another home: Is there an unlocked gun in your house? 


Llodra said she issued the proclamation as a wish that every child has a safe and happy summer respite.  She called the small action on the part of parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches something that can help secure that promise of safety.



Office of the First Selectman



WHEREAS, The epidemic of gun violence plaguing our nation’s children claims seven lives a day; and


WHEREAS, Children in the United States are more likely to die of gun violence than from cancer and heart disease; and


WHEREAS, One in three American homes with children have guns, and 1.7 million children live in a home with an unlocked, loaded gun; and


WHEREAS, Asking Saves Kids (ASK) encourages parents to add one more safety question before their child visits another  home, “Is there an unlocked gun in your house?”; and


WHEREAS, Asking this simple question before sending your child to another home could save your child’s life; and


WHEREAS, The hope is that asking will become a common health and safety question offering a real, immediate solution which all Americans can adopt to help protect their families and children from injury and death; and


WHEREAS,  the ASK Campaign brings together all Americans, including gun owners, concerned with the welfare of children, and makes the solution to gun violence a discussion about public safety and good parenting; and


WHEREAS, The first day of summer, the season when kids typically spend more time at the homes of friends and family, is designated as National ASK Day.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, I, E. Patricia Llodra, hereby proclaim

 June 21, 2015 to be


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