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Voter apathy examined in survey of Ridgefield residents

The Ridgefield Board of Selectmen has received the results of an analysis of voter apathy, which comes on the heels of an approximate 10-percent participation rate in the latest budget referendum.  Two interns from Ridgefield High School conducted the study through an online survey. 


There are 16,400 registered voters in Ridgefield, they received over 300 responses. 


The three most recent elections were looked at, and age of the respondents was a primary factor in who turned out to vote.  Being affiliated with a party also played a significant role.  The common responses of people who did not vote were people who were not aware that a vote was occurring, people did not have a strong understanding of the issues, and people found the date, time, and location inconvenient.


A three-prong plan was proposed to increase voter turnout.  It includes raising awareness, more accessible voting and showing the importance of local government.

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