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'Terrible tax increases' critcized by local lawmaker

A terrible tax increase, and an uncertain financial future.  That's how a local lawmaker summed up the state's new two-year budget.  On the day of the Special Session, Danbury Senator Mike McLachlan expressed frustration about budget talks being one-sided.  McLachlan was critical of the increased spending.  He says Connecticut needs to start living within its means.


The final deficit figure will be determined later this year, after the state's finances are audited.  Estimates are there's a $115 million deficit.  Any red ink will be covered by the state's Budget Reserve Fund.  The so-called Rainy Day Fund has an estimated $519 million saved up.


McLachlan, commercial real estate by trade, says he he got a lot of questions from constituents this session about why the General Assembly is not listening.

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