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Prior to the completion and occupancy of the Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut Facility on Danbury's west side, the City authorized a waiver of sewer and water charges.  It was part of an economic development incentive offered two years ago. 


The City Council was asked by the Mayor to authorize the full and final one year waiver for water and sewer charges for the December 2014 quarter and the three quarters that follow.  Mayor Mark Boughton said this would allow Hospice to receive the full waiver allowed by City code. 


Last year, members of the Danbury City Council discussed waiving water and sewer charges for the War Memorial and the request of the Danbury War Memorial Association.  The group said that the request was made because of funding concerns. 


The City's Finance Director and Superintendent of Public Works all weighed in on the cost of waiving those fees.  City officials determined that based on the value of the facility to local veterans and the Community in general, it would be beneficial to provide that financial relief.  The fees total about $5,000 for the year. 


The Council approved the waivers at their meeting earlier this month.

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